Jane's Story


As February begins, thoughts focus on love and relationships as Valentine's Day approaches. As an empath I have learned the importance of understanding our own unique needs and the importance of meeting those needs. By doing so, we can have better and stronger relationships. 

In my coaching practice I noticed that self-love is the biggest issue amongst empaths, and as a life strategist for sensitive people and empath myself I know it is the MOST important ingredient to becoming empowered. 

I want to share my own story with you, and explain my struggles before I was an aware empath.

Being an unaware empath can be devastating.

As an unaware empath I used to be a people pleaser. It was hard for me to leave unhealthy relationships.

When I was a teenager, I would drink, smoke, and party to numb my sensitivities.

I would end up attracting disrespectful narcissistic partners while thinking there was something wrong with ME.

My self-esteem was at its lowest point.

Then I got married, I thought that would change everything. But with time our arguments and fights became only stronger. I felt easily swayed by my husband’s opinions and unable to speak up for my own needs. We spoke different languages. We needed clear communication and I needed to know how to thrive in a relationship as an empath.

My husband and I would not speak to each other for weeks trying to prove each other something. He would give me the silent treatment and I would feel frustrated not knowing what to do next. 

We were about to go our own ways, but the pull to stay was stronger. I loved him and intuitively we both wanted to heal our relationship, but I also knew something needed to change. I needed to change. I needed to heal my own wounds and respect my own needs for us to reconnect and establish deeper bonds.

The problems I had with my husband turned out to be my greatest teachers. 

I felt so desperate and wiped out that I fell on my knees and started praying. I started praying to see this situation differently. I asked the Universe to release me from the suffering I experienced my whole life. I had to change. I wanted to be an example of self-fulfillment and self-love for my children.

The day when I was attracted to a metaphysical study A Course In Miracles, everything changed.

As I practiced the lessons in this course, I became more aware of who I was and the fact that I didn’t need validation from others to be loved. I could use use my sensitivities to become empowered.

I also felt a strong pull to become a spiritual teacher. I’ve learned a lot from the world-known teachers and leaders, however the real change happened the day I discovered I was an empath.

My life changed radically.

True love is never outside of you. True love is accepting how you feel unconditionally and loving yourself no matter what.

That helped me heal my relationships, communicate with my husband clearly and take time for my own needs.

It is my mission to help you love yourself as an empath and to help you create healthy, balanced relationships.

Over the next few weeks, I will share new ways to enhance your own relationships as I continue in this series. Be on the lookout for my future emails.

Lots of love!