Jane's Business Story

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Change is scary. Today I have a successful online business and my calendar is booked with client appointments and speaking engagements; however when I began my journey, I felt overwhelmed. I was filled with self doubts.

"Who am I to teach?"

"Who would pay me for my time?"

“Would people trust me?”

“Can I really help people?”

I felt overwhelmed, yet also felt this guidance to surrender. One day I was attracted to a metaphysical study, A Course In Miracles. I came across the word: Lightworker. It resonated with me right away and rang a bell for me. I completely surrendered. I asked the Universe to show me the way. I was tired of doing it all on my own. 

That led me to the realization that I am an empath. Everything was loud and clear that day. I heard the voice: You are here to help other empaths, lightworkers, and highly sensitive people. 

Within a few weeks I created a surrender strategy that helped me align my work with my purpose and step into my power unapologetically. Today I teach this strategy to my students and clients in more than fifty countries. 

Please remember that if you have a huge desire to help, it will never go away. It will haunt you like it haunted me.

I tried different things, even modeling, but my soul continued to be hungry for more. Within the next few years I practiced self-growth and self-awareness. I healed my relationship with my husband, found my confidence, and created a successful online business. 

Until you answer your call you will feel confused and lost. I invite you today to accept your beautiful gift of being a Lightworker and trust that the Universe has a plan for you.

We need you, dear Lightworker! 

With love,