Healing Sessions with Jane from New Soul Academy.
  • Have you ever walked into a room and immediately felt tense?

  • Do you feel overwhelmed by arguments, noise, smells and excessive talk?

  • Do you prefer one-on-one interactions to large groups?

  • Have you been labeled “too sensitive”?

  • Do you frequently get tired?

If you answered yes to these questions, you are a beautiful empath. Empaths have an extremely reactive nervous system. They don't have the same filters other people do. According to recent studies, empaths have hyper-responsive mirror neurons. In other words, they deeply resonate with people's feelings and emotions. They absorb anxiety, stress, depression and physical pain from others and carry those feelings as their own emotions. Empaths have a hard time recognizing what their energy feels like.

They need the tools to stop absorbing other people’s emotions, overcome sensitivity overload and create a stable sense of self.

As an empath, if you do not protect yourself properly, you can:

  • Become anxious and depressed.

  • Absorb negative energies into your muscles tissues and organs.

  • Attract unhealthy relationships and friendships in which you depend on validation from others.

  • Experience low self-esteem, codependency, and addiction to food and substances to numb yourself.

I am an empath. For years I thought there was something wrong with me. 

I felt socially awkward and chronically tired. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention report that more than two million Americans suffer from chronic fatigue. According to some holistic psychiatrists, many of them are misdiagnosed empaths.

As a teenager, I would drink and smoke to numb myself. I constantly found myself in unhealthy relationships with people who did not consider my needs.

When I figured out the tools on how to protect myself from the sensory overload, my life radically changed. I stopped pleasing people, healed my relationship with my husbdand and answered my soul's call! I became a life strategist for sensitive people.

When I started seeing my sensitivity as my gift, I was able to create a supportive community and a successful coaching career. Today I help thousands of people around the world discover how to view their sensitivities as a gift and use them to create a peace-filled life.

Before I created and practiced the tools, I never felt so strong and confident in my life.

And I want you to feel the same way. I want you to feel empowered!

I feel very protected and not so lonely as I did before. After taking Jane’s healing session I feel stronger and more powerful. And a little bad ass.
— M, usa

This session if for you if you want to:

  • Identify your empath type.
  • Distinguish which emotions belong to you and which emotions you have absorbed from others.
  • Receive vital energy protection tools.
  • Stop feeling denergy depleted.
  • Stop absorbing other people’s emotions.
  • Know which direction to take next.
  • Overcome anxiety and fear.
  • Discover your unique abilities.
  • Navigate relationship issues and overwhelm.
  • Receive intuitive gudance.

As empaths we take on the energy and stress of others, which leaves us feeling drained, unable to focus and move forward.

If empaths don't use the tools and train themselves to be empowered, they can suffer from anxiety, depression and unbalanced relationship issues. It leaves them struggling to find authenticity and direction in their own lives.  You don't have to feel that way anymore.

Whenever I am looking for inspiration or I feel like I need help to realign with my purpose, Jane gives me great advice. I feel empowered after our sessions and reconnected with my higher self.
— Nathalie, switzerland

In this private healing session we will:

  • Create a personalized energy protection strategy.

  • Get clear on your next steps in life.

  • Identify your unique empath type.

  • Remove the energy blocks that don’t serve your emotional needs.

  • Identify what keeps you stuck from taking actions towards your dreams.

  • Set clear boundaries and say no to spending time on activities or people who deplete you and make you anxious.

.You will learn how to:

  • Protect your energy.

  • Reduce sensory overload.

  • Protect yourself from energy vampires.

  • Navigate intimate relationship overwhelm.

  • Soothe any digestive issues due to absorbing other people's energy.

  • Clear your heart chakra, activate self-acceptance and positive energy flow.

  • Communicate your needs and set clear boundaries to feel heard and seen by loved ones, friends and colleagues.

"Honestly, I am mind blown on how good it feels after talking to Jane and using the tools she gave me. Thank you so much!"
- Lauren

These custom Healing Sessions are hosted through remote viewing via Skype or Zoom video chat and will be tailored around your needs, and include:

  • empath/intuitive assessment

  • energy protections strategies

  • advice and intuitive guidance from me and your spirit guides.

Additional healing modalities may be used depending on what blocks show up during the session. These modalities may include:

  • Cord cutting meditation

  • Removal of energy blocks

  • Auric cleansing and healing.

I offer the empath mindset shift that can offer more than years of therapy!

Thank you so much for giving me this gold! My life has changed incredibly, amazing people have come into my life and my mindset resides in abundance and gratitude. My life is filled with miracles now!
— DANA, Germany

I can’t wait to see you shine!