Heal and reclaim your emotional and physical health before it’s too late!

Are you a sensitive person or an empath?

  • Have you been called too sensitive all your life?

  • Have you ever walked into a noisy, crowded room and immediately felt tense?

  • Are you emotionally drained in large groups of people and need time alone to recharge?

  • Are people attracted to your empathic nature and tell you their problems?

  • Are your moods and attitude often swayed and affected by the people around you?

  • Do you attract unhealthy relationships in which you depend on validation from others?

  • Do you attract energy vampires who sap your energy and leave you feeling drained?

I have been there. I am highly sensitive and I am an empath. I was always uncomfortable in a large group of people. I felt socially awkward and was chronically tired. I thought there was something wrong with me. As a teenager, I would drink and smoke to numb my sensitivities. I would find myself in relationships and friendships with energy vampires who would take advantage of my compassionate and problem-solving nature.

If you answered Yes to the questions above, it’s likely you are part of a group of highly sensitive people called empaths.

So, who are empaths?

Empaths are highly sensitive people who preternaturally sense and absorb the true energy and unseen pain of a person. The feel everything and everyone deeply. Without proper tools, empaths can develop anxiety, depression, racing heartbeat, food and drug addiction.

Empaths and sensitive people are drawn to energy vampires. Energy vampires sometimes will appear as sweet and friendly, polished people - yet the more you get to know them, they are actually self-centered and untruthful people who are around you for their own advantage. Energy vampires can destroy empath’s physical and emotional health. It is crucial to recognize them, protect your energy and set clear boundaries before it’s too late.

More often than not, those getting caught are unaware empaths who are not in touch with their own power and intuition.

In my Masterclass I will teach you how to transform from an unaware empath to an empowered empath!

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Unaware empaths and highly sensitive people:

  • Feel others’ emotions and physical symptoms in their own bodies.

  • Feel drained after watching negative news or reading a newspaper.

  • Attract narcissists and energy vampires and take on their pain.

  • End up in manipulative and draining relationships.

  • Want to save everyone and therefore feel depleted.

Unaware empaths are energy sponges who absorb and hold onto the energy and emotions from others. Being a sponge will make you want to stay in bed and hide under the covers. You feel the physical and emotional issues others experience as if they're your own.

The negative energies they absorb can trigger anxiety, high blood preassure, racing heartbeat, depression, food and drug addiction. They can even cause insomnia.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention report that more than two million Americans suffer from chronic fatigue. According to some psychiatrists and physiologists, many of them are misdiagnosed empaths.

Empaths have a hard time feeling good in a high-stimulus world. They also absorb energies through the solar plexus chakra and may have digestive issues. The wonderful thing about being an empath is that you absorb good energy too. When you learn how to connect to your intuition and lead with your power, you become empowered, confident and you know how to identify and cast our energy vampires. All empaths need the tools to cope.

If empaths don’t learn how to protect their energy and learn to set clear boundaries, they will keep on attracting toxic people and keep taking on anxiety, pain and depression from others. If they don’t activate their gifts, they will fall into addiction patterns, feel unworthy and be easily manipulated by narcissists and energy vampires.

But don’t worry!

When I figured out the tools to protect myself from sensory overload and connect to my higher self, my life changed. I stopped pleasing people, healed my relationships, created abundance for myself and others with my gifts and answered my soul's call! For the first time in my life I felt confident and certain about what to do next.

I became a life strategist for sensitive people. I connected to my intuitive side, improved my relationship with myself and my husband and helped thousands of people. I became an international speaker and taught my Masterclasses around the world.

Because of my sensitivity and strong intuition I was able to create a successful coaching business in less than a year. Today my clients share their own gifts to inspire others to change.

I never felt so confident and deserving of love and respect before! And I want you to feel the same!

The master class was an amazing and life-changing experience. I started to use Jane’s tools the day after the workshop. They worked immediately. After taking so many workshops, listening to so many mentors, and reading so many books, I could see tangible outcomes for the first time. I love her energy, the way she communicates, her guided meditations, and how as a healer she appears both real and magical. That’s why I like to call her a “RHEALER!” Thank you Jane!
— Donatella, Italy

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This masterclass is for you if you want to:

  • Protect your energy and find relief from your overloaded emotions.

  • Identify and cast out energy vampires in your life.

  • Take charge of your sensitivities and take control over your emotional state.

  • Distinguish which emotions belong to you and which emotions you have absorbed from others.

  • Connect to your intuition and your spirit guides.

  • Overcome anxiety, panic attacks, and racing thoughts.

  • Protect your solar plexus chakra and improve any digestive problems.

  • Learn to set clear boundaries, especially if you have a hard time saying no.

  • Manifest courage, inner peace, self-esteem and strength.

Because you deserve it! You deserve to have respectful and loving relationships, create abundance with your gifts, and find the work that feeds your soul.

You don't have to fall into unhealthy relationship patterns anymore. Your well-being matters to me! I can’t wait to share my secrets and tools to help you reclaim your emotional and physical health before it’s too late!

It was just another amazing experience. I’ve taken a couple online classes with Jane in the past and to have her teach it in person is such a whole different experience. She is so caring and detailed in what advice she gives. I’ve learned so much from Jane and will take the tools she have taught with me for the rest of my life. Learning so much about being an Empath has given me confidence and acceptance within myself.
— Moana, USA

Los Angeles, CA - April 13, 2019

4/13/19- 1 day event, 9:00 AM to 1:00 PM
Where: Four Points by Sheraton Los Angeles Westside
(5990 Green Valley Circle Culver City, CA 90230 USA)

Here's what you can expect...
  • Step-by-step guidance on how to protect yourself from exhaustion and stop absorbing stress and physical symptoms from others.
  • A healing blueprint to protect yourself from energy vampires, sensory overload and compassion fatigue.
  • Discovery of your purpose and clarity on the work that feeds your soul.
  • To learn to release anxiety in less than five minutes.
  • Soul care exercises and the most powerful strategies for empaths to stop negative fear-based thoughts and start attracting the life YOU want.
  • The opportunity to connect with other like-minded people in a supportive and empowering community.
  • A day spent celebrating your gifts with like-minded people.
Jane’s energy is calm and grounding. She is a fount of knowledge for those who are sensitive to others’ energy and find themselves affected by it. Her Empowered Empath Masterclass was a lovely experience. Don’t miss it if you want to learn how to align yourself with your goals and shield yourself from outside energy. Totally worth it!.
— Barbara, usa

During our powerful four hour healing immersion you will learn how to…

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  • Stop absorbing other people's negative energy.

  • Cast out energy vampires and avoid them in a future.

  • Heal your relationships and create deeper bonds with your loved ones.

  • Deal with the energy vampires in your family.

  • Distinguish other peoples’ energies from yours.

  • Identify your empath type and place on the sensitivity spectrum.

  • Receive effective strategies to apply in your daily life.

  • Speak up for yourself and step into your power unapologetically.

  • Feel energized, inspired and motivated to take action and manifest your dreams.

Space is limited and will fill up quickly!

I am so thankful to have crossed paths with Jane. It was a transformative event. At that time I felt lost and thought I was alone. So much has changed for me since the Masterclass. And it was just a couple of weeks ago. I cannot thank Jane enough.
— Flor E, USA

Los Angeles, CA - April 13, 2019

4/13/19- 1 day event, 9:00 AM to 1:00 PM
Where: Four Points by Sheraton Los Angeles Westside
(5990 Green Valley Circle Culver City, CA 90230 USA)

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is this Masterclass for? v

For you if you struggle with feeling stressed out, discouraged, and overwhelmed. For anyone who wants clear directions on how to feel better and overcome the challenges of being an empath and a highly sensitive person.

How do I know I am an Empath or a Highly Sensitive person? v

If you answered Yes to any of the questions at the beginning of this page, you are highly sensitive and you're an empath. Congrats! There are different types of empaths. Depending on your type, you will receive a personal energy protection strategy that you will be able to apply to your unique situation. I will also help you view your sensitivities as your strength rather than your weakness.

Is four hours enough to feel completely empowered as an empath? I feel like I need years to figure out my action plan. v

Yes! It is plenty of time to tap into your strengths and witness the power of your sensitivities. An uplifting in-person experience with me and like-minded individuals will support you in connecting with the Universe’s abundance. This class will help you achieve success and create meaningful relationships.

If you want to unapologetically be your precious self, then don’t postpone what’s really important to YOU. I teach the best practical tools, guided meditations and other spiritual practices together to help you become an empowered empath.

Do you offer refunds? v

We are not offering refunds for this program. If you feel called to heal yourself but change your mind later on, know that your ego may be getting in the way. Your ego fears change and may fight to keep you from growing spiritually. Change can be scary. Growth and transformation requires your consistent commitment. Know that I will always be there to support you and help you continue your journey.

If you simply can’t make it, you have the option to give or sell your ticket to someone else.

Do you offer a livestream option? v

We do not currently offer a livestream class. It is an in-person experience. Learning from my strategies LIVE and empowering each other in the same room is how your transformation takes place at lightning speed.

Do I need to practice using the tools you offer? v

You will feel amazing and uplifted after our Masterclass. However, if you don’t commit to your continued success, this might only last for a while. If you continue using the tools that you take home with you, within the next few weeks you will transform all aspects of your life!

Do I need to bring anything? v

We recommend bringing your journal or notebook and your favorite pen. Bring water to stay hydrated and move your energy smoothly through your body.

Are there any prerequisites? v

No. There will be people at all different spiritual levels. You are welcome no matter where you are in your journey towards empowerment.

I’ve taken Jane’s workshop, both online and when she came to NY. It was life-changing. I cannot begin to explain how much she has impacted my life for the better. I am forever grateful.
— Leila, USA

Spots are limited!

Los Angeles, CA - April 13, 2019

4/13/19- 1 day event, 9:00 AM to 1:00 PM
Where: Four Points by Sheraton Los Angeles Westside
(5990 Green Valley Circle Culver City, CA 90230 USA)