Toxic relationship healing coach.

Author and Wellness coach.

Communication expert & life coach. 

Thank you so much for giving me this gold! My life has changed incredibly, amazing people have come into my life and my mindset resides in abundance and gratitude. My life is filled with miracles now!
— Dana
It has been a few days since the online empath healing workshop and I already feel less anxiety. Every morning I do the exercises and they work, they just work. Thank you so much for making me more happy!
— Laura, netherlands

Whenever I am looking for inspiration or I feel like I need help to realign with my purpose, Jane gives me great advice. I feel empowered after our sessions and reconnected with my higher self.
— Nathalie, Switzerland
For so long I felt ashamed and wondered “why me”. Why do I feel so deeply? Why am I so sensitive? Why do I suffer from anxiety and depression? I know now..I am an empath and never felt so inspired to learn about myself so I can help others heal in mind, body, spirit. Jane, thank you for today’s class!
— Dele, usa
I finally created an Instagram account for the work I want to bring to the world. It may seem small, but this is a HUGE step for me that I have been struggling with for years. I really felt a shift after your biz manifesting workshop and my IG account is up, running and growing! I even hosted a live cord-cutting meditation and got lots of great feedback. One hour working with Jane and I finally did it! Thank you, thank you, thank you!!! Many blessings to you!

Jane has an uplifting power to make people feel better in a blink of an eye. No matter what field is, she the gift to make people feel free, good and happy. Jane reached such a deep level of awareness that allows her to communicate with a client in an unbelievable simple way. Not every coach or healer I had healed me from a very beginning. Some of them give you a bitter sweet taste or new doubts or frustrations. Jane give us only GOOD.
— Donatella, Italy
I feel so much better after our session. At first it felt as though something was missing – it was the negative energy, it was gone and I knew it. Since then I’ve experienced more joy & peace and a general appreciation for my husband and son. Thank you so so much. The shoulder pain was gone after our conversation. I definitely want to work with Jane again.
— Lauren, USA

I taught a yoga class last night and it couldn’t have been better! I used the tools Jane told me about…I made a checklist of things to do for protection and grounding before I leave the house. I am so glad I made the appointment with her. It really was exactly what I needed and it helped me create a beautiful day. Thank you for your guidance and for sharing your gifts.
— Haley, USA
Jane is so sweet and her positive vibes are so uplifting. After your session I feel so much more open and interested in learning about energies, as well as myself. I’ve been meditating, and I hope to continue. I feel like the session really helped guide me to a path where I can learn to trust my intuition, something I have a hard time doing. So I honestly thank you so much.
— Nicole, USA

Before our session I was more excited than anything, everything inside me told me to go to Jane , to talk to Jane. I guess if I had to list a fear, it would be my own anxiety, but as soon as I spoke with Jane, my anxiety vanished. I loved the whole session, I loved everything we talked about, everything she said.
I learned about me and my gifts. I now know how to use them, I know which direction to turn. I feel like I can now, finally, begin my new chapter in life, start my dream career, live the life I have always wanted. I am now able to stop negative energy in its tracks! And that, the negative energy and how it was affecting my life was unbearable. I don’t have that problem now, thanks to our session.
I learned so much. It changed my life, changed me. I am so excited for the future. I would recommend Jane undoubtedly. I would recommend her to people such as myself, empaths who have the desire to help others, people with questions about their life, people who need validation, people who need guidance. Honestly, I’d recommend Jane to everyone. I with all my heart believe all would benefit in some way by talking to Jane.
— anna, USA

Jane made me feel very confident to go forward with what was already a small voice inside of me. I feel like the seed was planted and she were there to water, fertilize, and change the soil so that I could grow into a what I’m am meant to become. Thank you Jane for your care and for helping me tap into the confidence I needed!
— Alana, USA

I have been using some of the advice you game me. I can feel it working! It was so wonderful talking to you! I thank you so much for all your help!!
— Jenny

My healing session was so wonderful and exactly what I needed to focus and attend my spiritual health.
— Sara, usa

Jane’s coaching session has given me tools to navigate my future and to help others. Thank you so much for your help, Jane!
— Wendi, usa

During and after our session I felt energized and in a better place mentally and emotionally. I felt more in peace in my mind and my heart. During those days, personal projects starting flowing and I am starting to see new opportunities to open to grow personally and professionally. I used the tools Jane gave me when presenting at the conference last week and I noticed that my anxiety and insecurities shifted. I found myself living the moment instead of wanting for things to end right away. And after I finished my presentation I felt grateful and not in regret of anything. I have a more positive outlook and I feel more complete in who I am. I will continue to use the tools Jane provided me and I will definitely reconnect with her soon.
Thank you for your wonderful energy and helping me heal to enjoy life the way it is.
— Xiomara, usa
I am so grateful for this session. It was so special. You’re awesome! Yes, I have been thinking about Reiki or theta healing. I feel I need to help people in some way. I will work in everything you said and take care of myself. Thank you so much for this! I loved it!
— Fernanda

After our session I had a major realization that brought me a lot of peace and confidence at that moment in my life, it was like an Aha moment! I also been able to keep calm on situations that drove me crazy before. Honestly, I am mind blown o how good it has been for me after talking to Jane and using the tools she gave me. Thank you SO MUCH!
— Alejandra, canada

I want to say a big thank you for our session. I feel a sense of purpose. And a warmth in my heart knowing what I know. I can’t wait to share my gifts with the world. This session was just what I needed. I will undoubtedly see Jane again.
— Elayna, Australia

I’d been struggling to start my healing business. Everything was set – social media, website, rates, etc. However, I still lacked the confidences to put myself out there. I remember meditating and asking the universe for guidance and came across Jane’s page and promotion to the Lightworker’s Biz Manifesting Workshop. Her 1-hour course gave me the push I needed. The exercises were practical in that it shifted my thought patterns around fear of starting. Jane related to my hesitations as a lightworker and help me understand why I need to share my gift and receive compensation for my healing work. I highly recommend her services. What a beautiful gift to help fellow lightworkers come into their own. Thank you, Jane
— Carolyn, USA

It’s only been a few days and I’m feeling great, thank you. I found the tools and guidance Jane gave are already helping me understand myself. How I can help others, and what I can achieve. Above these is the fact that through following the practice Jane gave, I was shown within a day what I have been holding on to and where I need to heal myself. For me, this is an enormous and amazing insight. Something that made so much from all areas of my life click into place .
— John, UK
Once again, Jane came and inspired. I can’t wait to get out there and help heal the world as you are doing. The Lightworker Biz workshop was very clear and thorough. I finally know what type of client I am able to connect with and that’s all thanks to you. May you continue on inspiring, motivating and helping others. I hope you know you’re my favorite Lightworker!! Lol Love and light to u always
— Moana, USA