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I am Jane.

I am a life and business strategist for sensitive people. I am an inspirational speaker, healer and life coach.

I help empaths, lightworkers and sensitive beings stop absorbing stress from others, navigate sensitivity overload, deepen their spiritual connection and start the work and life they love.

Since I was little I thought there was something wrong with me.
I felt like an outsider, sad or angry at times and very emotional and tired in large groups. People would tell me their life stories and feel good around me… while I would feel completely exhausted.

If you feel the same way know that you might be an empath, or lightworker. In other words, a person with a higher calling. If you are feeling lost, you are experiencing an awakening of your dormant soul of a lightworker.

If you have landed to this page, this is your time to shine.
The key to feeling free is to answer your call!
What is your call?
Your call to say “yes” to you your intuition, your gifts and the life you love!

I have been coached with the world-known teachers, read tons of self-help book, had taken numerous trainings, retreats and spiritual courses, but I would not be here if it was not for my life experience and realization that I am an empath. And for all of that, I am grateful.

I am here today to help you understand how you can stop absorbing other people’s energies, get very clear about your life purpose, and know how to grow your coaching business.

Stop absorbing other people's energy!


Healing Sessions

Do you want to...
  • Stop feeling drained and overwhelmed?
  • Stop absorbing other people’s stress?
  • Know which direction to take in life?
  • Know which energy belongs to you and which doesn’t?
  • Discover your unique gifts & abilities?
  • Navigate relationships overwhelm? and
  • Receive the messages from your spirit guides?

My signature private healing session will help you transform your life once and for all.

Group Sessions


Empaths are not crazy, weak, neurotic or hypochondriacs. Although, before I discovered I was an empath, I always thought there was something wrong with me. Empaths are beautiful sensitive people with a gift. A gift to understand and help others. But all empaths need tools to cope.


Premium Coaching

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Do you feel a calling as a coach or Lightworker? Let Jane help you jumpstart you business, develop your unique gifts and offers, and grow your client list. You have a gift that is ready to be shared with the world!