10 Surprising Signs You are An Empath

You have been here before..

  1. You find public places overwhelming.

  2. You need regular solitude.

  3. Strangers easily unload their life stories on you.

  4. You absorb the emotions and physical pain of others.

  5. You are drawn to all things metaphysical.

  6. You experience sudden physical pain, anxiety or illness.

  7. You cannot tolerate news, T.V., violence, or cruelty.

  8. You commonly experience digestive disorders and back pain.

  9. You want to spend time with your partner, yet need your alone time.

  10. You love baths, showers, ocean, lakes and water streams. You love being in water.

Being a highly sensitive being can feel draining, but when you understand that you absorb other people’s energies, it feel like a big relief already. However, all empaths need the tools to cope with sensory overload. They need to learn how to protect their energy and set healthy boundaries.

If you relate to being an empath, know that you also carry a beautiful GIFT. When you practice your empowerment, you can use your gift to your advantages.

I used to be a people pleaser. I always felt I was never good enough. 

Boy, I was wrong!

You’ve heard me say this already: discovering that I was an empath deeply changed my life. 

I started embracing my most AUTHENTIC self. I began to welcome and celebrate my imperfections. I stopped negative self-talk. I learned how to get quiet and listen to my body. I learned how to step outside of my comfort zone, protect my energy and do the things that bring me joy.

Deep inside of me I knew that life wasn’t meant to be hard. I knew that our journey was meant to be easy, enjoyable and full of joy. 

Here are four top tips to start feeling empowered.

  1. Spend time alone DAILY! You will get comfortable with your own energy and recharge your batteries.

  2. Set clear boundaries. This the most important step in becoming empowered. You will feel very uncomfortable at first. Empaths are people pleasers and will walk on eggshells to avoid a negative reaction. I promise you, once you start speaking for your needs, you will create the energetic boundaries with your partner, friends and colleagues.

  3. Start a spiritual practice to connect to your intuition. Empaths need to create a stable sense of self. They need to feel comfortable in their soul. It comes with daily strategies, such as meditation, yoga or any kind of mindfulness practice. Choose what works for you. I teach my students my life-changing morning practice. I believe that we get to create life on our terms the moment we wake up.

  4. Take long showers, baths with salts and spend time near water. Empath love water. It clears their energy and calms them down. Even going for a walk near ocean, lake or a water stream can make you feel at ease.

Now I want to hear form you.

Are you an empath? What is your biggest struggle as a highly sensitive being?

Much love.


Jane Tavakalian6 Comments