The #1 Solution To Release Negative Energy In Your body

December 2017.

Dinner time.

My energy levels are low. I am exhausted from attending to my children’s needs all day long.

I am exhausted from buying all needless sh*t for Christmas.

I lay down on the floor in the middle of the kitchen. I have a stubbing belly ache…

I can’t move.

I use my leftover energy to make myself a ginger tea.

I love ginger tea, it always helped me. As I wave my hand to my husband while I crawl upstairs to my room, he understands that I can’t speak right now…

I let him know that I need my time alone.

Empaths absorb other people’s energy with their gut (solar plexus chakra) and therefore can feel belly aches and pain.

I want to give you a solution to release the energy that is not serving you.

As I went upstairs and allowed myself to take time alone without feeling guilty, I wanted to figure out why I felt this way.

Intuitively, I turned off the lights and closed the door to not hear any noise.

I felt better right away, but my belly aches did not go away.

I desperately needed an answer. I meditated and asked for the solution.

The guidance was clear.

“Take 15 slow breaths and place your hand on your belly. Turn on a calming music and enjoy your tea”

I closed my eyes and allowed myself to be in the moment.

In 15 minutes, I got up and felt a new wave of energy. The belly pain was gone. I went downstairs and joined our family dinner.

I realized that I picked up the energy from the shopping mall and also felt drained from pleasing my little children’s needs. It was my wake up call.

I needed to set clear boundaries and recharge myself DAILY! All empaths need daily alone time. Imagine now how much time you need during the holiday season?!

Empaths can’t turn off how much they feel, but they can use the tools to make their life easier.

We feel emotions with our gut first. This tea is great to remedy pain and restore the solar plexus chakra.

Soothing our digestive system and clearing the solar plexus chakra will bring harmony to our body and replenish our energy.

I want to share with you the steps to release physical and emotional pain you picked up.

This is a great tool, especially when you experience sudden belly aches.

Recipe for inner peace.

  • Peel and chop some ginger. Place it in your favorite mug.

  • Cover it with boiling water. (not a lot of water)

  • Let it steep for 5 minutes.

  • Place your hands over the healing elixir and send blessings to it.

  • Enjoy it in a quiet and preferably dark room for 15 minutes.

  • Take deep breaths.

Feel the power building within you. I know you are going to feel amazing!

When you try it, share your experiences below.

I would love to hear from you!

Much love, Xx


Jane Tavakalian3 Comments