My Manifesting Formula

I want to talk manifesting.

When I look back. I ask myself: How the heck was I able to manifest my dream life?!

I used an important step: the daily practice of meditation. Here is another important step, changing your limiting beliefs and reprogramming your thought patterns. I surrendered my plan to the Universe and let it show me it’s magnificent way to abundance.

I was born in a middle class family in Russia. My family instilled limiting beliefs about money that did not serve me. When I grew, I had to overcome those limiting beliefs of lack. Let me tell you there's plenty to go around. 

The reason why you are not seeing that yet is because of your limiting, unserving beliefs.

According to a metaphysical teacher, Abraham Hicks, “Belief is just a thought you keep thinking.”

When I heard this message for the first time, I took it very seriously. I created a spiritual practice and committed to it daily to change my thought patterns and reprogram myself. I teach this commitment to daily practice in all of my courses.

Yes, %FIRSTNAME%, I know that life can get in a way, but if you don't practice your alignment, nothing will change.

In two years I've created a six figure successful coaching business and helped thousands of people around the world view their sensitivities as their strength rather than their weaknesses.

Abundance comes in different shapes and forms. For me it came in:

A beautiful place to live.

Amazing private school for my children.

Warm weather year around.

New and uplifting connections.

Inner peace and inner strength.

Unapologetic attitude towards life and my SELF.

Traveling around the world and visiting new places.

Teaching in different countries.

Ok I will stop now, but you get the point.

%FIRSTNAME%, I want you to know that abundance, however YOU define it, is possible.

Did you watch my IGTV video? I highly recommend you take a look. I share my ultimate manifesting formula.

We are programmed to believe that hard work pays off. And it does, only if you believe that’s the only way. There is another way.  To show up consistently, do what you love, do what brings you fun, and put many hours into your work because it brings you joy. It's not hard work, it’s inspired work.

Pay attention to your thoughts, rewrite your thought patterns.

I am here to let you know it doesn't have to be hard. Show up consistently and keep surrendering daily.

I am rooting for you and your happiness.