Cutting Energy Cords

Have you ever heard about energy cords?

As an empath and a highly sensitive person you can have a negative energy cord tying you to someone who is currently in your life, even someone you love. The steps I am about to give you will clear the negativity so that positive energy can flow to you!

In my private practice, I help people cut these invisible energy cords. Sometimes I am able to see and feel where those cords were attached. In many cases, my clients’ chronic pain, fatigue, and lack of clarity are the direct result of those attachments.

When I help them cut those cords, they feel it is easier to breathe and they find the greatest clarity in their life.

This is how important it is to take care of your energy body and cut those cords occasionally.

What causes the cord attachments:
-Negative energy.

-Being unable to forgive.


-Being in a rush.


-Low self-esteem.


-Toxic relationships.

The list goes on, but I will stop right there.

I will show you how you can cut the cords yourself, and if you need help diving deeper into healing your energy, I will post a link below for you to book a session with me.

This EASY 3 step cord cutting technique will help you break the cords on your own.

Step #1:  
Imagine a bright light around you. Take 5-10 deep breaths through your nose.

Step #2:  
Keep your eyes closed. Place your hands over your body parts, exactly where you feel uneasy. Allow the feelings and sensations to be present. Observe them, but don’t become them. The body parts where you feel this sense of unease might be the places where you hold the cord attachments. Many empaths feel cord attachments in their belly, which corresponds to the solar plexus chakra.

Step #3:  
Imagine you are holding scissors in your hands made out of light. Now, cut those cords with the scissors. You may be guided to sigh as a confirmation of release. Finish this practice by thanking the Universe for assisting in this cord cutting ceremony. Take 5-10 breaths and bring yourself back to your body.

Use this technique at least once a day when you begin, or as need be.

I want you to have the best tools handy to help you on your journey to becoming an empowered empath and sensitive person. And I am here to make sure you have them in your life.

However, if you feel you need more help and want to work with me 1:1, I’d be happy to connect with you. You can click here to book your session.

Due to the high volume of clients, I open only a few spots each month.

I am rooting for you!