Quiz time! What type of empath are you?

You've been told that you are too sensitive, you feel tired and drained constantly without any obvious reason, you feel like an outsider, you absorb other people's energy and emotions.

I hear you! 

My dear soul, you most likely are an empath or a highly sensitive person. But did you know there are different types of empaths.

Empaths can sense what is about to happen and so much more. They feel other people's pain when they enter the room or stand next to a person. They can feel great one minute and anxious and depressed next. 

You can be either a physical or emotional empath. Or you can be both.

Physical empaths take on other people's physical pain. If you are a physical empath, you can visit your friend who struggles from pain, and you can start feeling pain and aches in your body. While emotional empaths absorb other people’s feelings, emotional empaths absorb their sadness, happiness, anxiety and depression.

Now you can discover what type of an empath you are. Take this 1-minute quiz below. This will arm you with valuable information to learn the tools you need to thrive as an empath. 

Jane TavakalianComment